Our Story

Women Owned and Operated

The last year truly brought into light what a chaotic and unpredictable world we live in. 2020 has forced many to revaluate their lives and priorities, at least it did for us. That reevaluation is why we started Moon Washed, a company co-owned by Amanda Madera and Mercedes Williamson.

Our products are all intended to be gentle, and minimal  in fragrance.  All our products and ingredients are palm-free, vegan, and ethically sourced through a zero waste supplier where we procure 97% of our ingredients. 

We are always looking to grow as a company and consider the following questions when making our formulas: How does it make your skin feel?  What is the aromatic profile? How were the bubbles? Each soap was made with a different oil blend and superfat level, formulated specifically with unique skin types in mind. Our soaps are intended for all over body use!

We create a variety of soaps, continuously working to perfect methods and formulas. We phase in new products as things progress, so our shop is always growing! 

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